3033–2511 BE (244–766 NW)

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Following the collapse of the Empire of Erathell, tribal warfare dominated Amalur. Villages and small settlements sprang up across the world, only to be attacked by rivals and would-be conquerors. From this chaos, the strongest tribes emerged to establish the first kingdoms.

The Apotharni, the Tribe of Ket'ul, and the Dverga rose to prominence while more established kingdoms faced new challenges. An Alfar expedition to the shores of Jentilak was massacred by the bloodthirsty giants of the Ouranos, who stole the elven ships and launched an assault upon the Eldrith coast. The gnomes, whose influence had been rising, suffered a crippling blow as their religious caste, the Auspices, was wiped out in a horrific massacre by the Tyrgash.

Perhaps the most defining event of the age occurred when an aggressive band of humans called the Durek conquered their rivals and launched an attack upon the Alfar. The bloody war that followed resulted in the exile of the Durek and caused a schism between the elves that would prompt the Dokkalfar to seek a new homeland apart from the Ljosalfar.

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