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I've found an expedition of gnomes that has come to Gallows End to retrieve a tome stolen by the Dverga. Apparently, the gnome they sent to retrieve the tome -- Pepin Jamane -- has disappeared in the ruin of Undersea Fasting, to the southeast.


  • Talk to Fastrada Tancese near Undersea Fasting near the northern end of Dark Harbor. She will complain about her subordinate's tardiness, and then task the Fateless One to retrieve the Tome of Contrition within Undersea Fasting.
  • Undersea Fasting is a straightforward dungeon. Pepin Jamane can be found right by the entrance, and starts following the Fateless One after a conversation.
  • There are two levers that the Fateless One needs to pull in order to open the way forward, and several Murghan and Scavs stand in the way.
  • After opening the final door leading to the tome Pepin shouts out in joy, for now he will prove his usefulness, and proceeds to impale himself on a spike trap.
    • A note on his corpse gives some more details of his colorful life.
    • There is no way to save Pepin*(see below) even if you are fast enough there is no option to disarm the trap (The option to disarm the trap is disabled and does not show up).
    • There is a bug that if you are fast and start the trap than Pepin will kneel before the trap and it didn't start a second time but the second you take the tome it will start and impale him.
    • YOU CAN SAVE PEPIN If you sneak and roll it is possible to leave Pepin far enough behind to open the door and loot the tome. Then quickly proceed in either direction of your choosing. Do your best to remain in sneak mode.  Also Note that he seems to want you to see his suicide.  So if your save is at the door and lever, just move out of line of sight and regress back down the tunnel till he catches you and complains.  Then start sneak and roll. Upon leaving Undersea Fasting and even after completing the quest Pepin will follow you across the map and fight with you. There is no losing him at all no matter where you go.  This includes back to the mainland and even the arena in House of Valor.  Death is the only option.  Considering he has 1 health that is very likely. His role is to die...poor thing.
  • The Fateless One can pick up the tome, loot the treasure chamber, and return to Templar Tancese to end the quest and receive your rewards of Fury, a unique Talisman, and Stonehand Gauntlets, some unique Gauntlets.