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Map from the library of Adessa, circa 2238 NW


In-game Faelands map


Located south of the Frostbreak Sea, the Faelands is home to the Summer and Winter Courts, as well as numerous varieties of uncivilized wild fae creatures. Its varied terrain includes the enchanted forests of Dalentarth, the sprawling Plains of Erathell, the arid stone-scapes of Detyre, the twisted overgrowth of Klurikon, and the foreboding crystalline landscape called Alabastra.


In-game Faelands map, with all locations

The Faelands are bisected by Driana's Vein, a channel of water named for the goddess of nature. The river serves as the dividing line between the two territories spanned by the Faelands: the lush, vibrant kingdom of the elves, called Alfaria, lying to the west; and the harsh, unforgiving expanse known as Fortenmar which looms to the east.

The Crystal War has plunged the Faelands into turmoil, pitting Alfaria, the mortal kingdoms of elves, and Fortenmar, the mortal kingdom of the humans, in a desperate struggle against the Tuatha, an aggressive tribe of Winter Fae. The mysterious force that drives this conflict seems to be growing stronger, casting a dark shadow that threatens to engulf all of Amalur. 




Two Kingdoms lie within the Faelands that are divided by Driana's Vein.


On the west side of Drian's Vein lies the lush and vibrant kingdom of the elves.


On the east side of Drian's Vein lies the harsh and unforgiving expanse that is the home of a human kingdom.


An aggressive tribe of intelligent, humanoid Winter Fae. They are waging war with the various other races that started against the elves.

House of Ballads[]

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House of Ballads

As magical beings who embody nature, the Fae tend to exist outside the bounds of structured society. But in the Faelands, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of the High King of Summer and the High King of Winter mirror the mortal races in that they gather in clans or "houses," such as the fabled House of Ballads.

The House of Ballads is comprised of legendary adventurers and heroic knights found in the western reaches of Dalentarth. There, the Fae reenact the greatest of stories: the ballads of the Summer Fae. They range from the bawdy to the sublime, and the protagonists are brave, wise, steadfast, crafty, and valiant alike.

Among them are Hallam the White, who established the House; King Wencen of "The Hero and the Maid;" Queen Belmaid of "The Cursed Kingdom;" Lords Airmer and Creth of "Two Knights and a Troll;" the titular hero of "The Song of Sir Sagrell;" Lord Farrara of "The Bloody Bones;" and Lady Oleyn of "Oleyn, Cureseeker."

Recently, their eternal rival, the Maid of Windemere, has invoked a new form of treachery. With the House of Ballads caught woefully unprepared, it will take a new hero to overcome this threat.

House of Sorrows[]

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House of Sorrows

Though similar to the Summer Fae, the Winter Fae stand apart. Embodying the decay and entropy of nature, it was the nature of these Winter Fae to fragment and quarrel. That changed with the rise of the House of Sorrows, and the Weeping King. Though now long-since dead, the Weeping King preached the worship of decay and decomposition. The House of Sorrows has carried on his traditions for centuries, tending to the perpetual decay of the world around them, and honoring its passing with solemn reverence.

However, as the Tuatha rose to power, the House sought peace with the Tuatha, at the price of their ideals. As a sign of cooperation, they appointed as their King the severe and enigmatic Bisarane. Now, the House of Sorrows finds itself in conflict with a Tuatha named Saturnyn, and no one's allegiance is known for certain. Only an outsider can unmask the traitors and save the Winter Fae from annihilation.

Scholia Arcana[]

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Scholia Arcana

From every corner of Amalur come tales of manifestations of magic, and the members of the Scholia Arcana study every claim. Adhering to a dogma of rigorous scholarship and thorough experimentation, they are the brightest and most intrepid mages of Amalur. Their pursuit of arcane knowledge and their dedication to the discipline of magic is unsurpassed.

Hundreds of years before the Age of Arcana, the three founders of the school overthrew the sorceress Ciara Sydanus and freed the people of the Plains of Erathell from her oppressive rule. Free to practice magic without the threat of Sydanus’s wrath, the three rebels founded the Scholia Arcana. Over the years, the school has refined and studied the art of magic of the centuries, organizing in ranks from the Docent recruits to the mightiest Savant.

Recently, magic is becoming more powerful and less stable. Those who practice it begin to manifest signs of a greater, underlying disturbance. The cause of this growing danger remains a secret that could reshape the balance of power in Amalur...

The Travelers[]

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The Travelers

A society of entertainers, crafters, adventurers, and outlaws who roam the by-ways of Amalur. Led by the Heirophant, whose gift of prophecy has recently begun to falter.

Notorious throughout Amalur, the Travelers are reputed as traders, tinkers...and thieves. They rely on the prophetic powers of their anonymous leader, the Hierophant, to plan their heists. They have three main camps in the Faelands. Star Camp is led by the Fae Crilgarin, the Knave of Coins. Nestled in the wilds of Dalentarth, it is home to scouts, foresters, and rogues of all types. Free from the struggles of the war, the Travelers of Star Camp pass their days quietly in the enchanted wood.

Moon Camp is located just outside the Dokkalfar city of Rathir, where the tents of the merry Travelers spread out beneath the open skies of the Plains of Erathell. Led by legendary bard Irion Tal and his wife, Maire, Moon Camp is a colorful oasis in a land scarred by battle.

Sun Camp is altogether different. Life in Detyre is harsh, and the Travelers of the wastes are no more accommodating. The shrewd Varani called Argine sees that all under her care are devoted to the Hierophant's prophecies, and can be as unforgiving as the desert sun.


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A mercenary guild famed and feared throughout all Amalur. They are the legacy of a line of ancient heroes.

The Crystal War ravages the Faelands. As countless bodies return from the war front, the Alfar army falters. The Tuatha Deohn are relentless in their assault. The Alfar and their allies have never battled such a foe. In desperation, they rely on an order of mercenaries to fill the ranks of the fallen--elite warriors who are said to have once battled a different, but equally powerful magic. They are the Warsworn.

Throughout Amalur, the Warsworn are renowned as fighters-for-hire. While they charge an exorbitant fee for their services, they consider themselves more than simple mercenaries. Their credo: "A mercenary sells a sword without honor. The Warsworn sells honor, armed for battle." Led by the Ancient of War, Tine Delfric, they aid the Alfar army with their superior experience and tactics. The Warsworn trace their Oath and their prowess back to an earlier age, when they served as legendary Niskaru hunters. They claim the likes of Eagonn, Caerwyn, and the Firstsworn are not just myth, but the actual foundation of their order. The recent turmoil in the Faelands presents an opportunity for someone brave enough to discover the truth of their history.

"This group of warriors for hire originated as a religious order that existed to fight a horrific race known as the Niskara. This once-extinguished enemy has returned to the world of Amalur, and throughout the Warsworn quest, they will have to reconnect with their roots."[1]

Warsworn ranks[]

A recruit to the Warsworn order. Hirelings are not yet members.


The first full rank in the Warsworn. You have proved yourself a capable and honorable fighter.
This senior rank honors the bearer as versed in all the ways of the Warsworn.

Other Factions[]

Fahrlangi (far-LONG-ee)
A mysterious sect of mages who have been calling forth Niskaru in the depths of Brigand Hall Caverns
Belen's Testament
A dark cult who worship Belen, god of death