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Its icon depicts Castle Yolvan in ruins.


To Tame the Wood[]

This is Yolvan, proud and mighty, shaped and hewn by Fae of old.
If you hear us, then we are sleeping still.
But be strong of heart, new one.
Our powers are old, but our triumphs are eternal.
We have brought peace to the Webwood, and the forests of Summer.

The Queen on Eight Legs Marching[]

Corruption and decay and filth were grown, were spread like sickness
from the fens and dells of this place. They were lead not by a beast,
not by a fell one, but by her ... the One Who Walks Alone, the mother of a
hundred thousand spiders. She is a queen of web and poison.
She calls herself the Widow.

As Winter Looms[]

The canopy stretched far and blocked the light of Summer,
but we pressed on and forward, to Cathrus, to the Widow's den.
We were but weak when we arrived, but she was weaker still,
her children having died before our march. To Esharra we commended her,
and then we felt the call of Winter, and so some turned to sleep, and I kept watch.

Forever Fallowed[]

Some colder wind of Winter blows than we have seen.
Summer does not return our brothers, our clans, to us.
What will happen to the vigil I keep?
Winter already calls me, and no relief is in sight....

The Slumber Has Ended[]

The Widow walks. I can feel the heart of the Webwood pulsing with her anger.
Her spiders are at the gates. We never thought this day would come. The widow walks.
The Widow walks.

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