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This blade belongs to the legendary greatsword known as Rhyderk, which was wielded to turn back the bolgan hoards and secure the Summer Court territory for the Great Houses of the Seelie.


The Flame of Rhyderk is a side quest which can be found in the Hall of Accolades in the House of Ballads.

  • Pick up the stone labelled The Flame of Rhyderk near Glianal and the Echostone (to his right on the ground).
  • Use the Echostone to start the quest.
  • Head to Warden's Bridge in Lorca-Rane and head south towards Ohn's Stand. Outside Ohn's Stand is a clearing filled with Jottun. Clear the area so you can loot Rhyderk's Blade.
  • Head to any Blacksmithing Forge and create a Greatsword. You will have the option of using Rhyderk's Blade in the forging process. Do this to complete the quest and obtain Rhyderk (as well as a small XP award for quest completion).