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  • Talk to Osduin in the eastern side of Lorca-Rane, just north of Brunuath. He will tell you he wants to complete the flowering but his companion has not returned. Agree to help in order to receive this quest

Note : There is a Persuasion option (to know where Boderill goes) during the initial conversation. And a second one within the cave after the battle for those seeking the Persuasion Achievement Trophy.

  • Find five Chrysalae Seeds. The one at the crossing of two roads in the west is on the lower level
  • Enter Brunuath to find and talk to Osduin
  • Stand on the center platform
  • You will be then attacked by 8-14 sprites with Sprite Fire Champions.  They appear in two waves with the second wave spawning after you kill 2 of the first wave . Once you defeat them Osduin will talk to you, upset that you lived.

Talk with Osduin and with a successful persuasion check you will receive an epic Gem of Cultivation (+1 to first 2 tiers of unlocked abilities). If you fail the persuasion check Osdiun will become hostile, and you can loot the Gem of Cultivation from his corpse.


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Gem of Cultivation (+1 to first 2 tiers of unlocked abilities)
  • Level dependent XP, but no Gold for quest completion
  • Random loot found in the cave and on the sprites' corpses


  • You can pick up seeds before beginning the quest. This, unfortunately, allows you to collect more than the five required seeds; excess seeds are stuck in inventory and may not be removed by sale or placing in the stash.
  • If you pick up all five seeds (or more) before beginning the quest, you are required to collect at least one more seed before the quest will continue and allow you to place the seeds.
  • The player can stealth kill Osduin afterward -- he does give you experience points, and the NPC serves no further purpose afterward.
  • Before you place all the five seeds in the designated places, be aware that you will be attacked by a number of Sprite Champions in the center chamber, so you will want to prepare your defenses and be equipped with elemental resistance gear.
  • It is also wise to bring some potions and/or to have some Fate Shifting power filled up to kill the enemies easier as there will be a lot of them.