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Its icon depicts the Gallows Tree with bodies hanging from it.


Hallowed Tree[]

Solemn, Solemn Hallowed Tree,
Glory to the Graveyard be.
Far from forests of the West
Do the dying have this rest.

A Peaceful Resting Place[]

And they sleep beneath the limbs,
While we sing these mourning hymns,
As the dead embrace the land
In the earth's embalming hand.

A Strange Tree[]

Wooden gravestone standing tall
By the Sorrows' weary hall,
Are the leaves now bearing fruit?
Will the dead now follow suit?


Are the Alfar nature's meat,
Food the ravens meant to eat?
Why do soldiers hang like tears?
Why Tuatha covet fears?


Hanging, Hanging Gallows Tree,
Spreading baleful tyranny,
Ruined terror of the war,
Hallowed ground for never more.

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