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Alyn Shir wants you to meet her in Emaire. Fast Travel as close as you can and start the journey. As you enter the Plains of Erathell you can find a graveyard with a Stone of the Wolds inside. You should also pass by the village of Ayten for an easy travel location. If you stick to the road you will find another Stone of the Wolds just before moving into the Forsaken Plain. Be on the lookout for Freeman Assassins, they tend to ambush along the roads.

Continue north and the main road will lead straight into Emaire. Enter the Blue Bear Tavern and speak with Alyn Shir. The General is still in exile and is fated to never succeed. You must head to Urul-Tusk in the Cradle of Summer to the northwest. As you follow the road north you can spot a Cradle of Summer Stone off the right side of the path; there is also another just before you cross into the zone itself. A third Cradle of Summer Stone can be found if you go west as soon as you enter the zone near a jump point.

There is a Hidden Door in this zone that leads to a grave. To find this area head east of Urul Tusk, just on the other side of the river. Follow the path and jump down to find a grave by itself with the item.

When you finally reach Urul-Tusk speak with General Tilera. Accept the Erathi Windchime and use it on the Ancient Windstone to the west. A Niskaru Bloodhunter will strike when the windstone is struck so be ready for the fight. You are left with the task of finding the other four Ancient Windstones and striking them to open the gate. Do this however you wish, just know that without Fast Travelling it could take some time.

The Winstone in Tala-Rane will summon two Niskaru and is in the central part of this zone. South of Caer Tosai is where you will find the Kandrian Windstone. In the northeast corner of Acatha the Windstone will summon four Niskaru Bloodhunters after you; there is also a chest and whirlpool nearby. The final Windchime in the Forsaken plain will bring about a Niskaru Tyrant. Be careful as this one can be dangerous. Behind the stone you can loot Kallas' Notes and then be on your way back to the Urul-Tusk. A disturbance occurs and you are teleported to the Deep Slumber. You have broken the barrier and you can restore it, but those side quests can be accomplished at your leisure. (side note: this is the side quest Floodgates starting.  It is triggered by activating the final Cradle of Summer Lorestone, which generally will be the one nearest the General)    The order of activating the windstones does not appear to matter.  Also, I encountered four Tuatha Guards not Niskaru on the second windstone activation, followed by 4 Niskaru at the next and the Tyrant at the final one.

Return to Urul-Tusk and go inside, moving west through the narrow pathway. As you approach a fork in the road three Niskaru spawn to ambush you. There is a locked chest to the north, grab it before continuing west. As you approach a staircase turn left and loot the chest at the end of the corridor. Move down the steps and kill three more Niskaru and loot the chest in the southeastern corner. Head west and two Niskaru Hunters come running into the room where a chest also resides.

Go through the winding chasms south and then eventually back north where you will find Giant Rats. Beyond the rats is a room with two chests and a hidden passageway going east -- use the Erathi Sigil-Stone to progress. Two more Niskaru Hunters lurk in this room as well as a chest. Get ready for a tough fight before progressing up the stairs.



Azghaal's final moments

After the short scene two Niskaru Hunters strike at you. When these two are defeated three more appear to whittle down your life. Azaghaal makes his appearance once these Niskaru fall. At melee range the beast can use a tail spin that knocks you back a ways. Azaghaal can also stretch his arms and cause magical damage to you as well as shoot frost breath and fire balls from his mouth. The charge attack will leave you stunned but dodging it leaves the foe open. The best attacks to counter are the frost breath and charge so focus on closing the distance with a dodge roll. Azaghaal can be stunned and paralyzed but it's very infrequent. Stick to dodging and countering when Azaghaal is still using his attacks.

With the Piercing Light in the hands of the General, head to Rathir to the east to meet with Elund Carth (Reward - after you have defeated Azaghaal and the General has talked to you : level-dependent XP ~8000 and Gold ~25000).


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  • FREQUENT BUG: In Urul-Tusk Tilera may not follow you. Exit the area from the starting point, kill your boggart pet and re-enter. Now she will.