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This is the first quest in the Travelers quest line which will take you across all the continent of Amalur. In order to become one of them you must first prove yourself by stealing three important and valuable treasures. If you succeed in bringing them back to the Hierophant you will be admitted into their ranks.


Talk to Grim Onwig outside the north or south entrance to Star Camp. Ask to join the Travelers, and he will send you to talk to Crilgarin.

Enter Star Camp and talk to Crilgarin, who will send you to the Hierophant Shrine.

You are instructed by the Hierophant Shrine to steal three items to prove your worth to the Travelers.

Grilricas' Medallion

Medallion's owner

The Medallion's Owner

Travel to the Didenhil Inn. Ealfwig Grilricas will be in the back room on the ground floor, and you can pickpocket the Medallion off of him.
There are a few ways to do this without committing a crime, the easiest of which is to wait until the villiager guarding the doorway goes to bed, then sneak from outside the room while he is facing the back wall and swipe the medallion. You can get him to face the back wall by walking behind him and then speaking to him. You can then sneak until you are undetected and then steal the medallion.
Also remember that you need to be undetected, not only by Ealfwig, but by everyone in the Inn. Using a Smoke Bomb might help with that.
Otherwise, you can just pickpocket it off him while detected and then pay the fine, which is a pittance compared to the quest reward.

St. Eadric's Remains

Guided hands

St.Eadric's Tomb

Travel to the Haxhi in Dalentarth. This is east of the Star Camp and is very close so is easy to complete first.
Wait a few minutes outside the Chapel. If you are lucky, the monks inside may leave. If not, you will need to be sneaky.
Once inside the chapel, if there are only one or two monks you will be able to hide behind a corner of the Sarcophagus, the detection meter will go down and you will be able to collect the remains undetected. If it is night time and there are three monks, you will not be able to avoid detection, so you must wait and come back when at least one has left.
If you have already learned the Finesse ability Smoke Bomb, simply throw a bomb and collect the remains.
You only need to collect St. Eadric's Pall from the sarcophagus; neither the Bones x 3 nor the Skull also found in the same container are required for quest completion.

Draug's Toothpicks

Draugrs toothpicks

The Secret hiding place of the Draug's Toothpicks

Travel to The Sidhe in Dalentarth or simply travel South East of St. Eadric's Mission in Haxhi where you completed St. Eadric's Remains to the Vorm Lodge. Inside Gunnar Frode will be sitting at a table. The location to the daggers is on a map which is upstairs inside a locked footlocker. There are a couple of ways to get the key:
Firstly, if your sneak is high enough, you can pickpocket Gunnar for his key. Use the key to unlock his footlocker and take the map inside. Afterwards, you can still ask Gunnar about the daggers, but he can no longer help you.
Otherwise, if you have the money to spare, you can simply buy the key off of him. You can even persuade him to sell it at half price, but be warned: every failed attempt at persuasion doubles the price.
Or, if you prefer lockpicking, you could just walk up the stairs to the first room on the left, enter stealth mode and then pick the lock on the footlocker! Grab the map and you're ready to go.
After retrieving the map it will highlight the location of the Toothpicks, which are hidden out in The Sidhe.


While completing St. Eadric's Remains, there is some varying loot in the chests on either side of the door. To get these undetected use the same technique and hide behind the table. Watch the monk's movement patterns and when he begins walking towards the door follow him and quickly collect the loot from the chest. Repeat this twice to get everything in both chests. (Note: this only works if there is only one monk inside.)

Alternatively, you can assassinate the monk, and since there are no witnesses, there will be no repercussions. Or you can wait and hope you can manage to get in the chapel while it is empty.

Quest completion reward :

  • XP & Gold (about 5000), both level-dependent
  • (5) LockPicks
  • (1) Shadow Prism
  • (Greater) Assassin Evasion Potion