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We have entered Brigand Hall Caverns, from which the Niskaru that killed the others seemed to have come. Ost Ordura is familiar with the place and has warned that we must proceed with great caution.


  • Death of ost

    Ost's Death

    Talk to Ost Ordura and follow him to the Brigand Hall Caverns.
  • Explore Brigand Hall. There are a lot of traps (Detect Hidden 4 allows trap disarming).The enemies inside are Niskaru -- very fast and very lethal Demons. You may want to start the mission, but go around and prepare a bit before tackling the cave. The place is littered with traps, so if you want to capitalize on your journey, reach level 16 and improve your Detect Hidden skill to level 8 to salvage components from the numerous traps within. Like chests, traps that are disarmed remain in the last state you left them in (disarmed and inactive).
  • Niskaru tyrant

    Niskaru Tyrant

    You will get to a room with several cultists and 3 trapped Niskaru. When the last cultist dies and the Niskaru are set free, Ordura is killed, leaving the main character alone for the rest of the dungeon. His death is scripted and cannot be changed or prevented.
  • At the next room you have to fight a Niskaru Tyrant. It breathes fire like a dragon, inflicting burning status and has a long arm attack as well as an explosion attack.  The Tyrant is weak against Ice and Freezing attacks.
  • Once you finish it off, head to the circle where it was summoned. On the far side you will find the Heart of Sibun. Collect it and leave Brigand's Hall. Time to return to Shieldring Keep and finish out the mission properly.He will make you a Pledgeshield and send you to Helmgard Keep for the next quest.


  • There is a hidden door in the first part of the dungeon.
  • A rare bug will cause Ost's body to become unlootable and will interact to you as if he was alive, simply reload to and try the fight again.
  • A bug can occur towards the end of the caverns whereby 2 of the Niskaru remain locked behind their fields and it's impossible to progress. The arrow appears behind where Ost stands, but talking to him doesn't make any difference.
  • The Tyrant is weak against Ice and Freezing attacks.
  • The Tyrant uses fire attacks and damage so it is prudent to equip Fire Resistance gear, or Elemental Resistance.