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After the events of Lock and Key, you are asked to question Livia Fenan, the person responsible for the stolen key.

She will reveal that she gave the key to Elbin Meroch, who promised her that she was helping end the war with her actions. Tell the Castellan what you have found out, and he will instruct you to look for Meroch and see what information you can extract from him.

Meroch will be in the Tywili Coast, south of the Moon Camp or west of the ruined town of Culn.

Telling Meroch that Livia sent you or asking him who he works for will cause him to engage you in a fight. After damaging him enough, he will reveal that the person responsible (Mad Harst) can be found under the Rathir Customs House. You will need a password to get inside, which he does not know.

If you succeed at the persuasion check when talking to him, he will tell you to send word to Mad Harst at the Customs House in Rathir straightaway without having to fight him.

In the Customs House, you can ask Oneth Tansand where Harst is. If you don't succeed in persuading him, you will have to pay some gold to squeeze the information out of him.

Secret entrance

Find the right password and you will be allowed to enter

Head to the Window Grill and you will be asked "What cost the lot by sea"? The proper answer, if you had talked to Oneth Tansand and acquired the password, is "Five and nine by night". If you did not talk to Oneth Tansand, the proper answer choice will not be present and you can try persuading the person.  If you do not know or do not succeed in the Persuasion check, the wall will still open, but you will be attacked by two(2) Fahrlangi Mage.

Either way, once you have succeeded either by persuading the asker or providing the correct answer, a wall will be moved and you can head to the Catacombs.

Fight your way through the enemies and you will eventually reach Mad Harst.  He will say that the vault has been emptied and Lord Anru Besin has already set out for Eamonn's Fortress. You can ask him where the artifiacts are and he will say that the they are with Besin. Asking him who Besin is will only hint that he controls the Fahrlangi.

Choosing either option will result in a fight. After defeating Harst, take a very short swim in the back and head up the ladder to Rathir. Make your way to Gwyn Anwy at The Quays.  Speak to her, receive your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based, and the Dauntless Chausses), and this quest will end, directly starting the next one The Isle of Eamonn.


Receive Dauntless Chausses and gold.