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A mysterious landing party has proven itself hostile by kidnapping villagers from Cape Solace. I've decided to find the prisoners, free them, and defeat their captors.


  • Talk to Alder Malloi after completing The Exiles. He will tell you that some invaders have come to the shore and kidnapped some villagers.
  • The invading band of bandits has camped in the Brigand's Hideaway cavern. The path down to the coast is now free of giant roots letting the Fateless One proceed down and into the cave.
    • It seems the Fateless One's good old friends, the Red Legion, are back. There are two outside the cave, and several more inside, in groups of 2-3.
  • One of the groups has a hostage from the village among them, whom they will attack once you get close to their group. If you can defeat the bandits before the hostage is killed, you can speak to him, and he will tell you that the leader is summoning Niskaru and moving his forces towards Cape Solace. He then dies of his wounds.
    • Even if you don't manage to speak to the hostage before he dies, the quest log updates, giving you the same information.
  • Calder Vonn can be found just outside the village, where he finishes butchering some Red Legion Bandits so he can summon a Niskaru Tyrant.
  • Once the two are dispatched, the Fateless One should then talk to Alder Malloi, and the quest ends.