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Desiderus Trav has asked for my assistance breaking a Tuatha gauntlet in Shadow Pass. If I am able to get to and remove the spell sentry overlooking the pass ahead, Trav will charge their forces directly. Together we should be able to make it through the pass.


  • Talk to Desiderus Trav, who is just beyond Ariad Camp.  He wants to clear the way through the Shadow Pass. The attack is in three phases.
  • The first sentry can be reached by taking the first path on the right, leaving the main road.  The sentry is a Tuatha Priest and he's guarded by 3 Tuatha melee units.  Once they are down, Trav charges the ground troops, and the Fateless One should jump down to help.
  • The next two sentries can be reached via the next side path, where Agarth is taking a break.  Kill the first group, then the second, and jump down to help Desiderus Trav with his two fights.  Then move forward to talk to Desiderus again.
  • The third and final task is to kill Witch Knight Dessidyn, who is in the Tuatha encampment ahead.
  • Once he's down, the quest finishes when Trav speaks to you (level-based XP ~5550 at level 39, and a random weapon, but no Gold).


  • random longsword


  • The quest can be made much easier by running ahead before starting it and clearing the path. No additional enemies spawn, so the quest becomes a walk in the park. This way the Fateless One does not have to worry about protecting Desiderus Trav.