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The icon shows a crown.

This Lorestone set features a series of five vignettes depicting each of five different Kandrian kings. The king's name is only mentioned as the vignette's title.



From the dark of north he came, sword alight with frosted blood
To starkly carve a kingdom from a land of stone and flood.
A hero true, a warrior born, his deeds the bards did daily sing.
Exultingly, they crowned him king.


The Lord of Tides, the Thrice-crowned King, the Bandit Prince of Mel Aglir,
He forged from blood a sword of sin to cut and rend and sear.
From hardened hearts his people wept, tears to flood from stone unbroken,
The long forgotten truth unspoken.


The birth of twins did reave the land as brother upon brother warred.
Scythes to swords, from rock to shore, the people madly weapons forged.
Caught within a storm of rage the land itself was deeply bled,
For sanity had fled.


An endless night the Brothers' War did wreak upon the broken land,
Until the Sorrow Lord arose, the Grieving Knight, to make a stand.
The Hammer of Acatha rose, and fell, and rose again,
He took the throne of Kandrian.


The Lion of Winter, the Magus King, Indarian of Kandrian
Captured fire in his fist and with it, took command.
With wisdom and tenacity the Lord of Aodh captained peace,
May it never cease.

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