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An Alfar soldier named Hillared, the last heir of House Gastyr, has asked me to help her reclaim her family keep from a Tuatha priest. We will get around the debris in the courtyard by fighting through the dungeon. That will take us to the tower.


  • Talk to Hillared Gastyr, located just inside Castle Gastyr in the south-west of the northern Caeled Coast.  She will ask you to help kill Racinon.
  • The Castle Gastyr is completely linear, with on a single side room, and is full of Bolgan and their pet Barghests.
  • Racinon is a Fae mage and has two Leanashe by his side.
  • Once he's dead the Fateless One should speak to Hillared to finish the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based ~9750 and 4450 at level 38, and the greatsword Righteous).