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The Alfar Merchant Navy have a position for a willing and courageous individual. I should seek out their official contact, Commodore Garrick, in the Seafoam Tavern in Rathir.


The quest is obtained after purchasing The Legend of Dead Kel DLC, and is the first quest in the extra line of quests. Much like with the other DLCs the quest is added to the journal automatically upon starting/loading game after downloading the DLC files.



Castaway's Cove[]

  • Following an introductory cut-scene the Fateless One wakes up on an unfamiliar coast amidst the remains of a wrecked ship. Incidentally that is wreckage of The Calamity, on which the Fateless One was travelling. Captain Brattigan is standing nearby and will provide more details.
  • The Fateless One must go through the nearby cave. Captain Brattigan will clear the way forward in a few places using explosives. Otherwise this is a linear area with a few monsters.
    • This will be the first meeting with a new monster - the Scav, which looks more-or-less like a drowned Niskaru Bloodhunter and has a ranged poison attack
  • Soon Brattigan runs out of explosives, and it's up to the Fateless One to find a way forward. There's a jump point nearby, and a loot pile containing some Kobold explosives. There is a passage on the other side of the small lake leading back up.
  • Once the blockage is gone the Fateless One can proceed to the exit, and onwards to Cape Solace.
    • At the bend there is a hidden passage containing some loot.

Cape Solace[]

  • Captain Brattigan reckons its a good idea to seek help in the friendly-looking village of Cape Solace. The first point of contact is Alder Malloi, who offers information regarding the village and Dead Kel.
  • This concludes The Legend of Dead Kel and begins What Remains.