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The refuse pipe of Castle Ansilla is a stinking labyrinth of waste and rats. Unfortunately, it's the only way into the stronghold. I should retrace General Fynn's escape route in the hopes I'll find his men.


  • Talk to General Fynn in the South-West section of Southern Caeled Coast, across a jump point from the main entrance to Castle Ansilla.  He will ask you to find out what has happened to his squad who were cut off by Tuatha.
  • Note: This side quest is also a good time to be completing the first part of Ghosts of Seawatch.

Locate The Squad[]

  • Behind Fynn is a pipe that leads to Castle Ansilla or you can go in the front entrance to the Castle which is located just to the East.
  • Locate the remaining squad member, Private Gautliffe, just inside the main entrance to the Castle.

Raise the Porticullis & Kill Ticneri[]

  • Follow Private Gautliffe into the South section of the Castle to raise the gate.
  • Continue into a large circular room and initiate the fight with 1 mini boss-mage(Ticneri), 3 mages, and a couple rogues, archers & fighters.
  • Upon defeating Ticneri you will be cursed by Soulbind (-50% Mana)

Locate the Soulbind Cure[]

  • Follow your squad mate into the Eastern section of the Castle down into the basement - this section can be cleared before facing Ticneri (and thus being cursed).
  • Find the cure and drink it.

Return to General Fynn[]

  • Return to the General who is now located at the Ansilla Camp to complete this quest (level-based XP ~3350 at level 39, and the shield Crystalline Barrier, but no Gold).


  • Crystalline Barrier
  • You could receive the Kingly Shield  or Gabriel's Shield instead, just save/load until you get it.
  • The Kingly Shield appears to be the best of the three possible reward shields, followed by the Crystalline Barrier, and finally Gabriel's Shield.
  • (*Possible Post Quest Reward Glitch*) After drinking the Cure, your character will no longer have (-50% Mana). Instead, you will have a permanent mana drain per hit with a high rate of activation and mana regeneration (Around 50% of mana will regenerate). You will see this by the same animation of the purple-black orbs when you initially had the curse.
    • This may just be the effect of failing to dispel the ward guarding the chest...
    • This also may just be an effect of Shadowcaster.