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An account of the Mairu, the progenitor race of the Kollossae.


Of Mairu and Kollossae, I

There are four principle differences that cut a disparity between the Kollossae and our pregenitors, the Mairu.

The most obvious difference between our races (and the Kollossae insist that we are different races) is the Mairu's lust for battle. The casual historian may confuse a Kollossae's enlightened pursuit of virtuous combat with the Mairu's bloodlust as one and the same, but the Kollossae fight when we must, we fight to protect and better ourselves, while the Mairu sought battle not as a means, but as an end. I am sorry to say that the Mairu were not so different from our cousins in the alliance of giants, such as the Jottun or the Ettin. The Mairu broke from that alliance just prior to the rise of Kreios, the great Kollossae hero.

Additionally, there is evidence of crude scrawling and actual pictograph work dating back to the time of the Mairu, but none at all of the written word until well after the time of Kreios. Playwrights such as the great Andronikos and this protege Straton were non-existent in that time, though their profession may have had their roots in the oral tradition of tall tales and post battle boasts.