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The Alfar soldier Squire Coran doesn't want to complete his task of delivering the Death Notices to families of the war dead. I can take over for him and he'll pay me for my efforts.


Talk to Squire Coran in the Thirsty Wench in Whitestone. He will ask you to deliver four death notices to their recipients (and give you a Greater Healing Potion or ``medicine`` as Coran calls it). Their locations can be found below:

Once all notices are delivered, the Fateless One should return to Squire Coran in Whitestone to finish the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based ~2150 and 3000 at level 33 and a random piece of armor).


  • This quest may be impossible to complete depending on your choice at the end of The Mountain Prison. If you have picked up this quest, you can voluntarily fail it by invading Ironfast Keep and killing Pledgeshield Dydyn.
    • It is possible to speak to Pledgeshield Dydyn if the player uses a Phasewalk potion, speaking to her, and fleeing after you become visible.