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2067–1247 BE (1210–2030 NW)


The downfall of the Corthians caused many of the world's great kingdoms to look inward and reflect upon their own values. Rather than being defined—as the last age had been—by a single global power, the Middle Kingdoms was a period in which the major races once again reasserted their individual influences.

Several of the great kingdoms of the world arose or reinvented themselves during this period, including the Almain, Kollossae, Crymbil, and Bassawin. Others, such as the Dverga, grew isolated, fearing retribution for their business dealings with the Corthians. The Durek resurfaced and invaded the Faelands, seeking to repay the Alfar for their bitter defeat centuries before.

As the final age before the use of magic became ubiquitous among the mortal races, the end of the Middle Kingdoms marked a significant turning point in Amalur's history. At its conclusion, the world stood upon the precipice of a profound change.

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