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The prison of Niskaru Lord Khamazandu is in Cloudrest Mountain, on the southern edge of the Hollowlands. This is where Anru Besin will be and where I must go.


  • Talk to Gwyn after finishing The Mystic Hammer, and she will tell you that you need to travel to Cloudcrest in The Hollowlands.
  • Enter Cloudcrest and fight your way through to the entrance to the peak, after you destroy the first of the crown formations, your companions will stay behind.  Note : You can only destroy the crown formations with the Mystic Hammer.
  • Fight through a series of Niskaru separated by crown formations until you have destroyed all six of them.  You will NOT be able to use Reckoning mode while the crown formations are not destroyed.
  • Make a backup save game file PRIOR to the final battle as you will be given a choice after the final battle that has serious consequences.
  • Finally you will meet Anru Besin, you can persuade him, and he will have a little thought that freeing the Niskaru lord may not have been the best idea, but he will still fight you.  This a two(2) stage battle' : Fahrlangi Cultist and Fahrlangi Mage will attack you while Besin will be untouchable behind a magical barrier - Then, Besin will summon three(3) Niskaru Bloodhunters and start teleporting around & lobbing spells at you

NOTE : Besin will continue to summon and heal Niskarus until he is defeated, so you might want to concentrate on him.  Also, you CAN use Reckoning mode in this battle, just save it for after the Fahrlangi are dead and Besin has joined the battle.


  • If wanting to remain loyal to the warsworn and still have Helm of Hideous Visage without it getting stuck in inventory, immediately equip it from Besin and then simply put on another helmet.
  • Before completing this quest, be sure to finish the Warsworn bounty board quests if you plan to betray them and do Khamazandu's Gift, as you will be unable to complete them afterwards. It is also important to note that several trainers, including master Detect Hidden trainer Ney Csalan, will become hostile if you complete Khamazandu's Gift and attack you on sight.
  • If intent on completing Khamazandu's Gift be sure to keep Besin's Helm of Hideous Visage on your character's person until after doing so.
  • Turning on the Warsworn might make the quest The Messenger impossible to complete as it turns the NPCs hostile; however, you can still complete the quest by sneaking the Khamazandu's Gift up behind several trainers where no one can see you, then instantly interact with them from the non stealth position. Depending on how many you need to interact to its possible to finish it prematurely.