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  • Talk to Kester Barclay in Didenhil, he will tell you about a problem with Jottun.
  • Go to Coilsbain Ruins, northwest of Didenhil. It has 2 areas.
  • Kill the 10 Jottun. They are marked on the map.
  • In the second area, after the 2 Jottun, there will be a door leading to a non-hostile NPC, Balthasar.


  • Get ready for battle because the NPC will become hostile and will summon minions. You can retreat outside this room, on the bridge, so that the minions don't crowd you.
  • Once the NPC is dead, loot the chest in the middle of the room and exit the dungeon.


  • Convince him his enemies have joined sides against him. Successful persuaion leads to the NPC leaving but promising to return.
  • Loot the room.



  • The pictured chest in the final part of Coilsbane cavern might contain a random skill book. This is the same area with the Jotun shaman.


  • A successful persuasion can avoid the fight.
  • If you retreat back down the bridge far enough, the Faer Gorta will follow but Balthasar will not. After you defeat all the faer gorta, you can go back into the main chamber and Balthasar will summon more. Balthasar will also always resummon his Sentinel as soon as he is able after it falls in battle, but he will also heal it if he is close enough. This allows you to keep gaining XP over and over, and you can continue to loot gold from the bodies.
  • If you talk to Othel Holn about Thaddeus Holn before finishing this quest, he will tell you about Thaddeus refusing to rest. You can then attempt to persuade Thaddeus to go rest. If you succeed, he will be in the Healer's house when you return. If you don't persuade him to go rest Kester Barclay will remark that he died when you return from Coilsbain Caverns. At a persuasion level of 2 you should have a 95% chance of persuading him. Thaddeus is found at the southwest of Didenhil near the bridge, while Othel can usually be found on the docks closest to Thaddeus.
  • In case you forgot to persuade Thaddeus and returned from the Coilsbain Caverns, Thaddeus will still be there until you talk to Kester Barclay, so that is your last chance to persuade him.
  • You can safely read the strange chained book on the altar, it is called "Arcaneid"