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The Pryderi is the main mercantile district of Rathir. Many of the successful merchants of Rathir keep stalls and shops here.


The Pryderi is a central rotunda at the end of the bridge into Rathir and full of open air stalls. The shops include:

The Luminary Leaf and the Alchemical Specialist are housed in adjoining buildings and are often referred to as the Merchant Circle.


The following NPCs can be found here:


Several things of note can be found in this area.


Historical Markers[]

  • Dedication—These walls that surround us are the guardians of our peace and bastions against the forces beyond, who wish to do us ill. This spire to which we lift our eyes is the glorious beacon and testament to the splendour of Lyria’s embrace, the wisdom of her magic, and the power of her eternal music. We call to every corner of the world in greeting, garbed in Lyria’s glory without hatred or suspicion, but with pride.
  • Tirin's Tree—Thirty-seven years after a flock of pilgrims set root upon the spire-rock and named it Rathir, Fate cut High Priestess Bayala Tirin free from the living. The first tree in the city was planted on this spot, in memory of our loss and the gifts she had given us.