The Road Patrol
The road patrol.jpg
Quest Giver Ost Ordura
Location Gorhart Village
Prerequisite The Commendation
Next Quest The Heart of Sibun
Reward leveled Gold
Faction Warsworn
Type Faction

The Road Patrol is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The Road Patrol is the second quest in the Warsworn questline and it is offered to you by Ost Ordura in Gorhart upon your completion of The Commendation.

Background[edit | edit source]

The merchants along the Lorca-Rane road keep getting attacked by some mysterious foes. Your first real assignment a Warsworn is to first report to Wyl Rendig in Didenhil and then meet with another group of Hirelings at Warden's Bridge to take care of this matter.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Ost honoring his fallen Warsworn brothers

  • After completing The Commendation, Ost Ordura will give you the next quest. Now having his recommendation you are to report to the nearest Warsworn base in order to receive your assignment.
  • Travel to Shieldring Keep, east of Gorhart Village and meet with its Castellan, Tine Delfric. He will inform you about the situation and send to find Wyl Rendig. He is residing in Didenhil, likely to be found in the Healer's Cottage or at the Three Lamps Inn.
  • After talking to him, go to the Warden's Bridge, east of Didenhil. There you will find Ost Ordura, along with 3 other hirelings, named Brae Folmoric, Wyl Rendig and Curran Crand. Your job is to investigate the road ahead and find clues regarding the attacks. There are three legs to be searched each having around five clues. These are marked on your map so it is easy to find them. After finding all the clues in one leg a member of your team will be killed. This will happen twice. Finding all the clues will lead you to a nearby cave-mouth.
  • Upon approaching the cave you will be attacked by some rare beasts named Niskaru. After killing them speak again to Ost Ordura and you will receive a sum of gold (level-dependant, 3000-6000 Gold) and the quest will complete.
  • He suggests going into the cave. Accepting it will start The Heart of Sibun.

Loot[edit | edit source]

  • Stern Helm (reward for completing the next Warsworn quest - The Heart of Sibun)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The death of your team members is scripted and it cannot be stopped.
  • While doing this quest, the Warsworn NPC's you are following will run through the same area as Jedda Kerning (a quest-giving NPC). It is possible that Jedda will be on a bridge above you fighting enemies that can easily kill her if you don't intervene and save her.
  • During and immediately following this quest, your comrades' scripted deaths do not result in lootable bodies and you do not see their corpses.  However, upon returning to the area, follow the initial pathway of the quest from its starting point and their bodies are visible and random loot can be found on them.
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