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This is an article on the book on the Scholia Arcana. For the faction, see Scholia Arcana.


The history of the Scholia Arcana.


On the Founding of the Scholia Arcana
And so it came to pass that in the years of strife, when the tyrant Queen Sydanus had sown the fields of Erathell thigh deep with blood, three unlikely souls found the way out of the dark.

The first was a man named Elodan Bloodgood. A Varani shaper, he came to Erathell from far to the north, searching the world for the knowledge of stone. After refusing to build a temple in Sydanus' name, he was cast into prison.

The second was a Gnome named Marus Torix. A gifted gnosticant, he had long ago left the safety and comfort of his libraries to travel the world, to learn of things with his own eyes. For teaching a doctrine different from the unquestioning worship of Sydanus and her regime, he, too, was cast into prison.

The third was born deep within the dungeons of Rathir, a young Alfar girl named Eleanor Brea who grew to maturity blinded by the darkness that was her only home.

Upon Eleanor Brea's ascendance to adulthood deep within the dark Sydanus' prisons, the gifts of elemental magics came to her. In fury, the girl burned the dungeon to the ground.

Guided by Masters Torix and Bloodgood, she learned to wield her gift and, together, the three of them dared to fight against the tyrant queen.

Word spread quickly of a new group of masters, mages, and artisans who would teach any willing to learn. In time, others courageous enough to challenge Sydanus' might came forward, and what had started with a resistance of three quickly became ten, then a hundred, then a thousand.

Terrible battles of magic were waged. Thousands perished; entire cities were scoured from the face of the world, and untold horrors were birthed as each side tried desperately to craft the means of their victory.

Clara Sydanus sought the destruction of their enemies by any method -- no sacrifice was too great, no atrocity too horrid. The darkest and the foulest of arts were pursued, and the cost to the populace was unrivaled by that of anyone's memory.

But the light of the three refused to be extinguished. The strength of Master Bloodgood, his wisdom and his skill, set the form and foundation of their hope. The brilliance of Master Toris, his knowledge and his insight, unlocked the chains of their bondage. And the passion of Mistress Brea, her spirit and her fury, lit the way to freedom.

What none could do alone, these three achieved together. After seven years of rebellion, they defeated Sydanus high upon the heights of the spire of Rathir.

Different paths had led each into the chains of slavery. But it was there that each found strength from the other, and together, found their freedom. And so it was that the Scholia Arcana came to be.