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I've decided to take part in a contest the city masons have set up in the sewer. I'm to find a number of gates -- marked by green torches -- in a finite amount of time. When I cross a gate, the next one will activate, and a timer will show how much time I have left to reach it.


  • Take the same-named entry labeled from the Idylla contract board, after raising the city in Ascension.
  • Enter the sewers through the Living Quarters  from Idylla
  • Use the Eastern Henge to teleport to the Southern Henge or run toward the Southern area clearing enemies as you go. It's up to you.
  • Clear enemies in the Southern area of the sewer working Northeast towards the Under Sewers (you can stop before the Under Sewers, when the stone path turns to dirt).
  • Start the quest, running from one pair of green flamed torches to the next, following the golden quest symbol on your mini-map.
  • Turn in the quest to Pinadike, the guard NPC located by the Contract Board (level-based gold ~ 4800 gp at level 40).