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I have been given instructions by Bisarane, a Winter Fae associated with the House of Sorrows, to find the Proving Halls and undergo some sort of trial there. Apparently, he and the Winter Fae need my help in their fight against the Tuatha.


  • Talk to Bisarane who can be found at the path between Cursewood and The Midden.  He will ask you to prove yourself at the house of sorrows.
  • The Proving Halls is located East of Cursewood, on the western side of The Midden (or South East of Foe's Hearth).  Once inside, the Fateless One is greeted by a floating crystal, a conduit in which Bisarane can see and speak.
  • In the next area the Fateless One encounters a fae named Taibreah.  She is running away from an Ettin Warpriest, which appears soon after.
  • Once the Ettin is dead Taibreah disappears.  In the next room Bisarane speaks to the Fateless One again, and mentions a poisoined Fae.  You can gain some minor XP from a successful, difficult persuasion check.
  • The poisoned Fae, Cadoroc, can be found in the next room.  He asks the Fateless One to kill him and end his suffering.  A persuasion check will tell you that Bisarane poisoned him.
  • Another room, another conversation with Bisarane.
    • This time, either two Leanashe attack, one Leanashe and several Boggarts or one Leanashe and a Crudok (Lvl 30, Hard Difficulty)
  • The final room is ahead, and this time Bisarane asks that the Fateless One strike him.  Regardless of the choice he disappears, and the real Bisarane approaches.
  • In order to finish the quest the Fateless One should agree to help the house (XP and Gold, both level-based ~7050 and 17600 at level 35, and the Heartstone), this also start the next quest, Voices of the Dead.



  • If you approach Cursewood from the Midden, Bisarane will not appear until you go to a different location (such as entering Mel Senshir or Seven Widow Mine) to make the zone re-load and approach the Midden from Cursewood.
  • When you finish this quest and first enter the House of Sorrows, if you leave straight away through the front door and do not speak to Bisarane, the entrance to the House of Sorrows will be locked, but can be opened with Heartstone.