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The Strange Man can be found in the sewers beneath Idylla after having taken Arkes' circlet from his tomb. Instead of leaving the way you came, go past the tomb that held the circlet, and jump down. You have to walk straight on for a while and also detect a Hidden Door (5+ Detect Hidden Skill). Check your map and you will see a white NPC symbol which, when you put the cursor over it, reads "Strange Man".


Go to the Strange Man and when you speak to him you will receive your Mistaken Identity achievement. He will ask you to complete 3 tasks for him, they do not show up in your quest log but can be done:


Geoff, the Strange Man's "footman", has run off despite his written Oath of Fealty. He can be found in a corridor parallel to the one the Strange Man lives in. He is in fact, a Brownie. The Creature will not attack, if the Beckoned shows him the parchment he will run back to the Strange Man. Talk to the Man again to get your reward in gold (~ 3200 gp at level 40).

Renevel, the ursurper[]

Renevel has taken the key to the Strange Man's Archives. Search for a red spot in the southeastern corridor on the map, it will show the name "Renevel". Go there, slay Renevel (who is actually a Giant Rat), loot the key and give it back to the Strange Man for a reward in gold (~ 3200 gp at level 40).


The Strange Man wants to read a book. If you still have "Denric's Journal I" (and the other two) in your inventory, choose dialogue option "Books" to give it to him immediately. If you don't have the journals anymore, retreive them: Leave the sewers, fast travel to some place in Ettinmere , walk to the opening leading to Helyc's camp and enter the Southern Passage from there. The journals (and the creatures) will respawn. NOTE: It will not do to "jump" to Helyc's camp and enter the tunnel, you have to walk it from the very beginning. This may take multiple attempts.

The journals respawn after the main quest Ascension is completed.

Talk to the Strange Man again mentioning "Books", he will give you a reward in gold (~ 3200 gp + 1600 gp for quest completion at level 40).


  • When the Beckoned hands the Journal to him, he will have a brief flash of clarity and recall who he is: Denric, an Almain missionary. But then he realizes he has utterly failed his mission, and after a short monologue he falls back into his madness of being king of the area.
  • The "dungeon" is simply a circle with a clockwise pathway.  The jumps and ladders can be confusing, however, simply head around and you can return rather quickly and easily to Denric after clearing the various combatants.
  • Upon exiting the bottom level, head to the Southwest, clearing combatants as you go and you can reach the "Missing Heirlooms" Idol item, and if you defeat the Sprites and Primal Sprites, at the same time, after you get the Heirlooms idol from the chest, you will automatically complete the Quest "Going Primal" immediately when it is given upon turning in the Heirloom contract to Pinake.