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Bardan Tam's daughter Julia was captured by bandits. She has been taken to their stronghold in southwestern Kandrian, to be sold into slavery.


To start this mission, go to western Kandrian, to a location called Tam's Wagon; you will find Bardan Tam there, a merchant gnome who begs you to find his kidnapped daughter, Julia (it is useful to acquire Corporal Ivar's quest, The Best Defense, since it is a very short one, and you are going near that mission's only target). Once you acquire the quest, head to Caer Tosai, south of Tam's Wagon, where you will find many bandits, Jottun, and wolves before entering.

Caer Tosai is packed with Freemen, and there are groups of would-be slaves scattered around the cave, who will flee as soon as you kill the slavers guarding them. A group of 4 Freemen will be waiting for you in the very first room, along with a small group of refugees. Turning to the right, you will find two separate couples of bandits (and a chest protected by a Hard ward), and at the end of this alleyway four more Freemen will be guarding two more refugees.

After this fight, you will probably see the way to Julia; don't go there yet, but finish cleaning the cave, to prevent any refugees from getting killed (at this point, there should be only three bandits left). Once cleaned, go to Julia and kill the last group of slavers (there should be 6 or so); Julia will speak to you once everyone is dead, and will head to the exit.

To finish, simply leave the cave and head back to Tam's Wagon, then speak to Bardan Tam to finish the quest and get your reward (level-dependant gold and XP).


You may acquire random loot from corpses and from the following containers (inside Caer Tosai):

  • Pile of Rocks (requires Detect Hidden 2+) x2
  • Chest (Hard Dispelling Ward) x1
  • Weapon Rack x2
  • Chest (Easy lock) x2
  • Chest (unlocked) x1


  • You may as well pick up the quest The Best Defense at the same time.
  • This quest is very useful for the Rogue Harvest task, as you will face a great number of Freemen, each with a possibility of dropping an Armband on death.
  • Bardan Tam will claim to be leaving with his daughter once the quest is complete, and both gnomes will run west towards Tala-Rane, but will then stop right before exiting the region. If you don't want that to happen, you can kill his daughter and end the quest directly to keep him where he was. Then you can use him as a 50 storage room just like any other merchant.