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Its icon depicts a blue flower akin to Tindertwig; it is likely the pyhril tree mentioned in the poem.


The Weeping Boughs[]

For five hundred summers, autumns, winters, and springs
The blossoms on my pyhril tree bloomed ceaselessly and wantonly and fair.
Why today have they fallen like tears?
A dark doubt whispers: these flowers will not come again.

A Faint and Fainter Pulse[]

First the pyhril tree, then the shapes of trees and heads and hawks
Made by the whitecaps of the waves before they crashed,
Then a thousand other wonders in my lands have faded, failed, and fallen still.
All I know and love is slipping from my grasp.

The Pledge to Action[]

Will I watch the last of life flow from my land?
Will I stand still as stone while the essence of its beauty drains away?
No! Like Ysa girding armor against Ohn,
I, Mihari, will wrestle with the sinking sun -- if that is what it takes to keep my land.

A Shoal Against the Tide[]

I have rolled up the song within these lands
Raked the life from the bones of the earth
I have left it shivering and stripped bare.
I hold its dying magic in my arms.

The Seed Beneath the Valley[]

Time may sap this country dry and night put out its spark
Still, one valley will not be changed
For in its depths lies buried all the magic from these lands
And I will call it Galafor, and it will sing my dying song
Long after all the rest is dust.

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