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The quest starts off upon the Fateless One's discovery of the Rond Farm, recently burnt down with Alrette and her husband Dennert Rond cowering outside.

After approaching Alrette and a string of sentences she claims that the grain had been tainted by something in the water upstream, causing her and her husband going mad. She says a man named Jenniker had recently passed through and mentioned heading to Cranalt and must have been responsible for tainting the water.

Upon discovering the Cranalt, the Fateless One quickly finds it is infested by Murghan and Banshaen. After entering, Jenniker's body is discovered, killed by Murghan. After dispatching the mobs around and inspecting his body, he/she finds a Jenniker's Journal and discovers that a Strange Artifact left in the Cranalt by the previous inhabitants, is actually responsible for the tainting of water.

Jenniker had already outlined what items were required to fix the artifact and theories on how to reverse what had happened. The Fateless One then sets out to find these objects to bring sanity back to the Alrette and Dennert:

The Gem Lattice is in a chest through the northern passage, and the other two parts are in chests through the southern passage.  You must enter toxic water and will contract a disease in it, in order to activate levers both to the north and southern passage doors.  The disease is time based, -50% elemental resistance, or can be cured at a Healer.  This can be avoided by using a Purification Potion before entering the toxic water.

Strange Artifact[]

Strange artifact

The Strange Artifact

Once the Fateless One has fought through the dungeon and gathered the necessary items to fix the artifact, the Fateless One must then choose between:

  • Deactivating the device
  • Select Sanguine (for optimism)
  • Select Melancholic (for pessimism)
  • Select Phlegmatic (for reservedness)
  • Do Nothing


Choosing one of the options prompts the Fateless One to return to the farm. Depending on which option you chose will give a different outcome:

  • Deactivate - Alrette will comment on how everything is back to normal, and the quest will end. Both are alive and planning to rebuild their farm.
  • Sanguine - Alrette, though she and her husband Dennret are both sane again, reiterates that the soldiers must not receive any type of tainted grain and asks for the device to be shut down.
  • Melancholic - Dennret died due to the tainted grain, Alrette follows shortly after she speaks to the Fateless One.
  • Phlegmatic - Dennret goes violently insane and Alrette is forced to put him down; she then kills herself.

Alrette will ask you to deactivate the artifact if you chose Sanguine/Phlegmatic, requiring you to go back and deactivate it.

Once the artifact is deactivated, talk to Alrette back at the Rond Farm for your reward (XP and Gold, both level-dependent - the reward is the same whether you choose to deactivate the first time or the second time).


  • If you just want to finish the quest more quickly, choose to deactivate the strange artifact right away to save time.
  • Reading but not taking the book, then collecting the components may make the quest unsolvable.