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I have been told that Bisarane will need a key in order to find the Sorrows before Saturnyn and the Tuatha can. But I will need to learn more from the Eldest before I can perform this task.


  • The Eldest chosen starts a brief dialogue and shadow-walks to Sinsear, and the Fateless One should follow.
  • As the tomb has been corrupted by prismere, the elder tells the Fateless One that to reach the key four (4) Votives are needed. The Votive of Stone is received from the elder, the other three (3) are marked on the map :
  • Once all four (4) Votives are gathered the elder will reveal the door and the next trial - the Crying Eyes.
  • The trial involves pulling 3 levers in a sequence demonstrated by the crying statues (left, right, center).
  • When the Fateless One returns to Bisarane with the key, the true nature of Saturnyn is revealed.  The Fateless One will be attacked by Myrcyr once more.
    • Both of the Eldest die regardless of the Fateless One's efforts even if reckoning mode is used to execute all enemies before the enemies can land a single blow.
  • After the fight, there is another revelation - the Weeping King lives (in Taibreah).  The King will help the Fateless One get to the Sorrows before Saturnyn can.
  • The next quest, Such Sweet Sorrow, will begin immediately afterward.