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This small worn book features favorite children's poems of the Travelers.


The Queen of Bath

Moed was a comely queen,

A Dokkalfar, par none.

Her lips, like rubies

with their sheen,

Her hair up in a bun.

Was known for many things,

such as her laughter and her wrath.

But she did not rule from a throne.

She ruled from in her bath.

A copper-tub, of Dverga-make

the queen did occupy.

Ten baths a day the queen did take,

without one reason why.

Her legs, polished to shine,

Her bosom, scrubbed to glow,

Her hands, her lips, all fine,

If ever they were shown.

If there was war,

She'd meet the foe

just sitting in the tub.

At meeting's end,

a peace we'd know

that was the basic rub.

A body such as hers

would need constant maintenance,

and those that saw her bathe took heed,

as lust o'ertook their sense.

In truth, it was a tactic sound,

as is the story told.

But success was somewhat less, we found,

Once she had grown too old.