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Look, Apullos]] over there would have you believe he can fix any suit of armor better than it was when you bought it. I'm telling you, unless you're wearing Tuatha prismere you stole off the war-front, you're going to want one of my pieces instead.


Thora Woolstring is an armor merchant for the House of Valor. She has a rivalry with Hakon Apullos over who can provide the best armor for those who enter the arena.


As an armor merchant, Thora sells armor and armor components, including the following:

Components Components
  • Improved Slaughtering Hilt x2 - 520 g
  • Improved Damaging Fulcrum x4 - 445 g
  • Improved Damaging Shaft x4 - 445 g
  • Improved Frosted Hilt x4 - 445 g
  • Improved Hardened Rivets x2 - 445 g
  • Improved Piercing Fulcrum x2 - 445 g


  • Cuirass of Sundering
  • Trickster's Hood of the Viper (rare: +1 to Finesse Abilities, +15%~ Poison Dmg.)
  • Cavalier's Helm of Maiming
  • Trickster's Gloves of the Elixir (rare: +1 to Finesse Abilities, +20%~ Poison Resist.)
  • Noble's Talisman of Ice Attenuation
  • Hand-wraps of the Hardy (rare)
  • Warrior's Cuirass of Dismantling
  • Fine Studded Leather Leggings
  • Apprentice's Robes of the Soothsayer
  • Hardened Shoes of the Hale (rare)
  • Scholar's Cowl
  • Barbed Gloves
  • Boots of Ice Hindrance
  • Gold Talisman


Thora can always be found in her stall in the House of Valor, just outside the Tavern.



(Special note: Woolstring's "Improved Damaging Bindings/Grips" are difficulty to randomly loot, rare, valuable enhancements not to be missed for all interested cultivators of blacksmithing, building blocks in creating truly powerful war-gear and weapons. The next step, in this mercantile context, for obtaining damaging blacksmithing material, appears only deep late-game or endgame in Alabastra, in the "Greater Damaging Bindings" available in Camp Moondown.)