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People call me a thief, but I've never stolen anything! Occasionally, I'll use other people's houses while they are away. I don't see what the're so angry about. So, I have to come out here now and again to let things in town cool off.


Thorvald Ulfsson is a Basic level Lockpicking Training found in a small camp, south of Brunuath (South East Corner) in the wilderness of Lorca-Rane at Dalentarth.


Thorvald offers Basic level Lockpicking training and can teach you from levels 0-3.


These ruins are a magnet for crazy treasure hunters.
Nothing to it really, you just need to get the feel for it. Once you have that, no door stays locked for long.

when asked about Lockpicking Training.

Always attracts a few treasure hunters convinced the ruins are full of ancient riches. Bunch of lunatics, if you ask me.

when asked about Lorca-Rane.



Thorvald Ulfsson - South Of Brunuath