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The Thresh is a type of wild fae, considered by some to be the perfect being due to its prowess with both melee and ranged attacks as well as high agility and endurance. They can fly about quickly shooting magical arrows or root into the ground and send shockwave-like projectiles. Their only weakness is Fire.

Threshes are usually accompanied by Boggarts.

Strategies on fighting a Thresh[]

A Thresh is arguably the most difficult non-boss enemy in the game if its level is scaled to the player's. Unlike most other difficult enemies such as Trolls and Crudoks, a Thresh's attacks are both powerful and continuous, unleashing volley after volley of powerful attacks with very small pauses in between. At range, Threshes are very fast and can strafe you with magical arrows as it circles and keeps its distance. They will switch between said volleys of magic and rooting themselves in the ground, launching slightly homing "shockwaves" of roots along the ground. These roots are very poor at homing around solid environmental objects like trees or big rocks, and once rooted the Thresh will not move until it has fired four roots, very useful for playing defensively while handling additional enemies (like Boggarts). In melee, Threshes can both absorb and deal large amounts of damage.

The best way to take down a Thresh with minimal loss of health is to wait for a pause while dodging the Thresh's attacks or stun it with an ability, then quickly move into weapon range and use your weapon combos or abilities to knock down the Thresh and prevent it from moving and attacking. Once the Thresh is down, keep up the attack and use any and all abilities to increase your damage, keep the Thresh stunned, or both. If the combo does not work, or the Thresh recovers from the stun, quickly put some distance between you and the Thresh and wait for another opening. Not getting out of range and getting caught by the Thresh's volley attacks or going in to attack at the wrong time can easily lead to death.

Since a Thresh is often seen in the company of Boggarts, it is highly recommended to focus down the Boggarts first. The Boggarts' attacks may not do much damage in comparison, but they can interrupt your attacks on the Thresh and give the it time to recover from your knockdown, or stun away your ability to avoid volleys of attacks.

It is generally recommended to dodge a Thresh's attacks rather than block since most of their attacks are powerful enough to hit through your shield.

Players with points in Mark of Flame should have far less difficulty, as the initial "tagging" automatically interrupts both the Thresh and any Boggarts, and both are weak to fire (and again interrupted by the secondary "execute" hit, causing a stunlock scenario as long as the player has mana). It's often useful to use the first "tag" effect over and over just to keep the thing stunned while you close distance, even if it doesn't deal significant damage.

While you may become more confident in your ability to defeat Threshes, keep in mind that Klurikon often sees them come in pairs (both becoming aggressive as soon as one is aware of the player), with one initially out of sight or far from the first, and with several more Boggarts than earlier-on... sometimes along with nearby Sprites or Murghan as well. After Mel Senshir, it often pays to take a moment to observe the battlefield defensively upon starting combat to avoid a nasty blindside.


  • HP: High
  • Resistances: Immune to Bleeding, weak to Fire, same for Bog Thresh
  • Special Attacks: Magic Arrow, Shockwave
  • Difficulty: Hard


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