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This lascivious text appears to have been read many times and by many different people, as evidenced by its worn cover and tattered pages.


Knights of Pleasure

It was carnal, unabashed revelry. The streets teemed with sweat and alleys rang with laughter. Sighs escaped from every corner of the festive celebration. It was there that Darven first saw him.

Broad and swarthy, with a shining smile and an impish glint, he enchanted his onlookers with a grace that belied his muscular frame. The supple movement of his walk, the booming, husky voice, and the natural warmth of youth exuded a pure, unadulterated sensuality. Darven could not look away. His gaze was arrested by this godlike man, and as if his body moved of its own accord, Darven approached the handsome stranger directly. The stranger looked upon Darven with his vivacious mien, and suddenly the two embraced. It was at first combative: an overwhelming strength enveloping both of them. Darven struggled with him in a lascivious grapple, but soon the sounds of the street resumed their sounds of debauchery.


Til's Collection IV is a quest item for Long Overdue.


Til's Collection IV can be found in a book shelf inside Moon Camp.