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This lascivious text appears to have been read many times and by many different people, as evidenced by its worn cover and tattered pages.


The Petals of Susanrus

GALT.- "Why have you come? I was quite clear in my intentions. Another flies the flag of my affections. You are too late."

SUSNARUS.- "I will never be too late. You are heat of the sun as it withers the leaf. I shiver alone."

GALT.- "Then what are we to do?"

SUSNARUS.- "What choice is left to us, but to give our passions agency?"

GALT, seizing her by the shoulders and piercing her lips with the sharp blade of his flickering tongue.- "You do not know of what I am capable. This awakening, this magical fire, it has cracked me open as the volcano ruptures. I am aflame."

SUSNARUS, falling before him.- "Then burn!"

Susnarus had no choice but to struggle beneath his hulking form, writhing as he held her close to his chest and passed his warmth between them.


Til's Collection IX is a quest item for the Long Overdue.


Til's Collection IX can be found on a bookshelf inside Edmure Home in Emaire.