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This lascivious text appears to have been read many times and by many different people, as evidenced by its worn cover and tattered pages.


The Lustful Elf

Soon a bell sounded, a tin ring, and through the threshold paraded an ensemble of the most fabulous young varani maidens Amalur could produce. Their effect on me was quite magical, so much beauty in fellowship together I could not begin to fantasize. So magnificently graceful did they appear as they gleefully pranced into the chamber, heels flying, exhibiting the most lascivious inclinations. So ripe their forms, so pure was the sky blossom whiteness of their necks and faces, shaded by avalanche of brown and blonde hair, which waved in the light like chains of woven embereyes, falling in many ringlets over their beautifully curved shoulders, whilst their eyes, half hid in the nest of flowery lashes, glowed with a hot, blatant immorality, made them look like Helois descended from the sund throne, rather than anything of our weak human creation.


Til's Collection VII is a quest item for Long Overdue.


Til's Collection VII can found on the first bookshelf to the right inside the Livrarium in Adessa.