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This lascivious text appears to have been read many times and by many different people, as evidenced by its worn cover and tattered pages.


Quintessence of Debauchery

Oh Lucinde, how you danced before, resting all my endeavours to further my cause, claiming that you, who I knew to be an adventurous little thing, would not consent to such naughtiness with the lords of the court about, and if we did not behave better they would certainly catch sight of our playthings and drag us from the Lunar Gardens.

I then set forth that we should prepare the bath so as we might clean ourselves, dirty as we were. "First my tunic and my trousers, and then yours." You simply smiled, dear Lucinde. "Then, at my word, we shall throw them from the balcony together." You giggled, your sweet shame overshadowing your hunger for such a joyful tryst. But I overruled your ojections and stripped to my undergaments, crossing the balcony to commence unlacing your gown till nothing was left on you but the sweet covering that Lyria gave you, my lovely Lucinde.

Then, together, we let our vestments fly.


Til's Collection VIII is a quest item for Long Overdue.


Til's Collection VIII can be found on a bookshelf towards the back and the left of the Livrarium in Adessa.