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I am but a simple soldier, grown old. First they made me Castellan of this Keep. Then that wasn't enough, so they named me Ancient of War, steward of the order.


Tine Delfric is the Ancient of War, Truesworn and the Castellan of Shieldring Keep. The Fateless One may speak to him to begin the Warsworn quest line to join the faction if he has not already spoken with Ost Ordura and carried out his quest.

Tine is an old warrior who has seen a lot of time on the battlefield. According to himself, members of the Warsworn first had him promoted to Castellan then finally to Ancient of War sometime later. He achieved rank of Truesworn by stopping a schism from happening within the Warsworn, earning him great accolades among the members of the Warsworn.

He leads the Warsworn with great wisdom and experience that few in the world possess. And with that, he has staked the future of the Warsworn on the efforts of the Fateless One to uncover the actions of the Fahrlangi cult that are attempting to bring back the Niskaru.



Ending The Heart of Sibun quest and beginning Lock and Key:

Ost Ordura, dead? I see. And so many Hirelings, too. We will mourn them... At least you somehow survived. Remarkable. In reward for your brave actions, I now solemnly declare you Pladged of Shield and Sworn to War. Welcome to our Order, soldier. It is a great honor. Now... this artifact you say brought forth the Niskaru. May I see it?

upon your return from Brigand Hall Caverns.

Why... This is the Heart of Sibun. Eagonn won this centuries ago. It should be locked in our Ancient Vault. How could it have been stolen from under our noses? This is a nightmare. Travel to Helmgard Keep, in Erathell, and investigate how this theft occurred. Speak to Grian Shane, Helmgard's Castellan.

after you show him the artifact.

We will mourn him, yes, and honor him too. He died in the line of duty.

when asked about Ost Ordura.

In centuries past, we were something else. Hunters of Niskaru; heroes known as the Firstsworn. Whenever they took any cursed artifacts and weapons of chaos, they stored them in that vault. But that was long ago, in darker times.

when asked about the Ancient Vault.

You are a Pledgeshield, now. You are one of us. This Keep is a home to you and we are your sisters and brothers. Our dignity rests on your brow.

when asked about the Pledgeshield rank.

The Castellan of Helmgard is an upstanding soldier. Seek his help in this matter, but remember that he is your superior.

when asked about Grian Shane.

Three Warsworn Keeps guard the Summer Faelands; Shieldring here, Helmgard in Erathell, and Ironfast in Detyre. To each, a Castellan, and in Klurikon, Amaldor Sverri Kura oversees our part in the war.

when asked about the Castellans.

Even as our coffers fill, our ranks stretch thin. This war - these times - have tested our mettle to the limit. Still, we have not wavered in our creed: "A mercenary sells a sword without honor. The Warsworn sells honor, armed for battle."

when asked about the Warsworn.

I would have sent Ost on this task. Honor his memory, Pledgeshield.


There is a book from an unnamed author about him that can be found in Amalur, "Life of Tine Delfric".

Like Sverri Kura and Grian Shane, Tine Delfric wears armor that resembles the Reckoner Knight Armor from Mass Effect 3.

Tine Delfric almost always carries a unique armor/weapon/accessory on him that can be stolen, it is possible to save before entering Shieldring for the first time in refresh this unique until you get one you want