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Perched above verdant Galafor, Tirin's Rest was settled by Alfar travelers who became entranced by the peaceful tranquility of the region. Named for the visionary priestess who founded Rathir, Tirin's Rest was inexplicably spared the effects of war, which ravaged much of the Plains of Erathell. The village is now governed theocratically, by a group of priestesses led by Priestess Corelon, who preaches hostility to all Fae and refuses aid to refugees from the Tuatha on the grounds that they are not blessed by Lyria as the inhabitants of Tirin's Rest are.


Tirin's Rest is a town in western Galafor, at the western end of the path into eastern Galafor. The village is on two hills rising above the rest of the plain, with most of the village on the southern hill and Tirin's Sanctuary on the northern hill on the other side of a bridge. There is an entrance to the village jail, Burren Cove, at the base of the northern side of this hill. The village graveyard is on the southern outskirts of the village. There is a war memorial by a shrine to Lyria on the north-western side of the southern hill. The forge is between the mercantile house and locksmith.


The following NPCs can be found here:


Several things of note can be found in this settlement:


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The following items found here can be looted:

  • Chest x 1
  • Locked Chest (Hard) x 1
  • Hidden Well Cache (Hidden Treasure) x 1
  • Overturned Cart x 1


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Historical Markers[]

The following historical markers can be found here:

  • On the field below was fought the Battle of Galafor Plain. On that day, generals Orieator and Varlaine proved Alfar-kind fearsome In battle and dogged foes to the hateful Fae. Many died so that we may live and Lyria be exalted.


  • There's a book about the town: "Tirin's Rest: Village Charter"
  • It is not directly explained why a village dedicated to the significant Dokkalfar religious and historical figure Bayala Tirin is populated mostly by Ljosalfar.
  • It's also not directly explained why Ljosalfar have an entire temple dedicated to Lyria who is primarily a Dokkalfar deity.
    • One could surmise that it's the work of Priestess Corelon, since(according to the village charter) she's the village leader, head priestess of the temple, and the person who renamed Ljosavik to Tirin's Rest.
      • But the specifics of why and how this came to be are a mystery. All we know is that Corelon made the village what it is, presumably with the power she possesses when you first meet her.

Citizen Quotes[]

There's a Fae in Galafor.
I give to Meyra's collection as often as I can.

After unveiling the truth behind the Priestess' powers

Have you heard? The Priestess won't heal anyone. What could have happened?
I hope Atheof's daughter has learned the error of her ways.

By Tirin's Rest Militia

Long as you're not a refugee -- or a damned Fae -- you're welcome here.
How could I tell Arick to go? We played Bell the Boggart when we were boys!
Best not to leave town just now. There's a Fae loose out there.
No crime troubles this pious village. Wouldn't like to see that change, now, would we?
Lyria guide and protect you.
It's safe from here to Rathir. But don't go south.
You look Serabel in the eye and tell her she's got to leave her own farm. I couldn't.