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The Fae Adar is imprisoned behind the jail in Burren Cove. An iron gate bars the way, and a circle of magic holds him in place. Nil Kern has the key to the gate, and Priestess knows the words that can break the circle.


It seems that some prisoner may be hidden in Burren Cove, but no one will tell me more. The only solution is to visit the cove myself.


The quest can be started by talking to one of two different NPCs:


The spellbook

The Spellbook

  • Acquire the quest from Gwastle.
  • Investigate Burren Cove to the North of Tirin's Rest, or through a door in the sanctuary (Lockpicking - Hard)
  • Find a Fae named Adar locked up and held by a magic circle, who wishes to be released.

Find the Key & Magic Words[]


  1. Lockpick the door (Very Hard)
  2. Pickpocket Nil Kern who is in Burren Cove or outside in the village
  3. Use Persuasion, Kern will give you key

NOTE: You can lockpick the door and then persuade Kern to give you the key (to maximize XP gain).

Magic Words[]

  1. Talk to Priestess Corelon about the Fae. She is not forthcoming with information and orders a guard to the sanctuary.
  2. In the sanctuary, upstairs in the first room, there is a Spellbook on the table that you can inspect to learn the words.

Free Adar[]


  • XP (level-based), but no Gold (from Adar upon quest completion)
  • A random enchanted Gem (from Adar upon quest completion)
  • Talk to Priestess Corelon after you have freed Adar and she will share Gold from the collections box for not telling the town she lost her powers (the Persuasion check is rather difficult - 83% at skill level 9)
  • Healing services (not free) from Adar (found next to the northern exit of Burren Cove)


  • After freeing Adar the Priestess will lose her powers and will be unable to provide healing services.
  • White Nil Kern will be cursed by Adar and will be located in the Cove from now on, making him useless to the community.