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The scrolls record the Kollossae mythology of the Titans.


Cthongeny: Alcyon

It is said that Alcyon knows no fear, for he gambols on the mountain peaks and bounds across ravines as if he were Idyllaraith. However, Alcyon once lived in fear like the common mortal. This is [the] story of how Alcyon shed this fear and become the bravest of all Titans.

Long ago, when the earth was still to be shaped by the hands of the Majestics, the Cthonians walked the land as gods. There were nine of these Titans, and [Alcyon] was the youngest. He watched the eternal struggle of the Erathi and Niskaru, and the Fae bearing witness to that struggle. He looked into the eyes of the Erathi princes and Niskaru lords, and saw a fervent zeal. One lived only to order the world, and the other to bring disorder. [Alcyon] became lost in this divide, for he knew both order and chaos in himself.

He could no reconcile both emotions, and so he hid in darkness lest someone expose the turmoil that wracked his thoughts. In desperation, he sought oblivion, and removed himself from all things.

Many years pass, and sadness enwrapped [Alcyon] like a suffocating cloth. Yet try as he might [Alcyon] could not cease to exist. His thoughts persisted, and he knew that somewhere the forces of Order and Chaos raged in battle; that nothing could destroy the Titans, and that the Fae grew along with the land. He understood that he was not alone, he was never alone. These things existed despite his absence.

For the first time, Alcyon felt unafraid. He saw himself then as he was, a creature of the Great Cycle, deluded by thoughts of himself.


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