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The scrolls record the Kollossae mythology of the Titans.


Cthongeny: Atlasus

The mortals cried to the gods for mercy, yet the gods would not intervene. Neither the Erathi nor the Niskaru would contend the will of Ohnshan's children, the Idyllaraith, the Cloud Riders. They terrorized Amalur with hurricane, tornado and dust storm, and people died in countless numbers. In their zealotry they threatened Amalur, for without their power there was nothing to hold the Arcane Veil, and Esharra would no longer be separate.

Gaea woke the slumbering Atlasus deep undergound. He arose a Titan of Titans, the strongest of the earth-born. From his binds came the boulders, and from his breath the fog. His bellow was the tremors of the earth, and his ponderous gait moved Amalur.

"My son, the heavens will crash into the oceans, and the Veil be rent by the weight of Esharra. Will you not hold them until the fury of the Cloud Riders subsides?"

He happily shouldered the falling heavens, and braced the Veil from doom. After some time, be began to struggle under the enormity of his burden, and he feared he would collapse. He called for aid, and drew the ire of the Idyllaraith. Incensed, they turned their onslaught onto him.

To protect her son, Gaea shaped the earth around Atlasus, and to this day, the winds incessantly beat the face of the mountains.