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The scrolls record the Kollossae mythology of the Titans.


Cthongeny: Selinia

It is said Lunala, Goddess of the Moon, suffered a pain so great the traces of her tears fell from the heavens to Amalur. We Kollossae worship Ethene, the goddess of wisdom, but some also pray to Lunala, the goddess of the moon. This stone goddess often visits the nights of Amalur with her radiance, and the deliverer of this light is the Titan Selinia.

Selinia is the messenger of Lunala, and falls from the moon as light or stone, and always with urgency. The reason for her haste is Lunala's sorrow: she cries for Gaea the earthmother, her distant parent. This separation waxes and wanes with Lunala's despair, and Selinia tirelessly serves the weeping goddess.

One day Selinia brought down the message of Lunala, and Gaea took pity on her forlorn daughter. She told Selinia of what might console her, if the Titan could prove worthy of the task. Selinia hesitated, but her dedication to her mistress was absolute.

Risking the wrath of Heactyr, Selinia stole a portion of the Arcane Veil, and fleeing the Fates, took the ethereal cloth to Lunala. Warmed by its magic, Lunala lost her woe, and hid comfortably beneath her covering. This act is repeated every month, as Selinia strives to help her mistress.