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The scrolls record the Kollossae mythology of the Titans.


Cthongeny: Phlegra

Phlegra was the molten Titan, inconstant and ardent. She dwelt in the bowels of the earth and coveted all she saw. As quickly as she could have something, she was wont to leave it. She was both despised and loved by the other Titans, for she was never fulfilled, she never lingered for too long. Her dalliances were impassionate, and her attentions soon turned to another. She would not be refused, but neither did she discriminate. Even Aberrus the Twisted was occasionally her desire.

She conducted herself in this manner, until one day Phlegra's intentions turned to Aryllia. The concomitance of lust and devotion ignited the heavens and inflamed the loins of all the world. Lechery reigned in Amalur as the two shared an eruption of ecstasy, and as quickly as the amour had ensued, Phlegra was gone.

Aryllia yearned for more, but Phlegra would not entertain her. This drew Aryllia's ire, and she took from Phlegra the elation of her debauchery, the rapture of her wantonness. It was still Phlegra's nature to crave, yet she no longer enjoyed the fruits of her adventures. Where once Phlegra gallivanted, satisfied, now wanders, unfulfilled.