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The scrolls record the Kollossae mythology of the Titans.


Cthongeny: Phoebas

Phoebas is the abstemious huntress, the swiftest of Titans. her persistence was uninterrupted, and she pursed her prey with an undaunted concentration. Beside her she kept Eres and Lucor, her faithful hound and retriever, and on her shoulder a hunting bow made from the limbs of Vilaghru. For these reasons she was unerring, and admired as a paragon of the hunt.

Her success remained unblemished for ages, until she hunted Kharnim, the Rat God. Kharnim hid deep in the earth, and neither Eres nor Lucor could reach its nest. Her prey hid too skillfully, and she could not drive the Rat God from his lair. In desperation, she turned to Vraekor.

"I will fashion spears of teh earth to catch your prey," he said to Phoebas, and so granted her a trap of iron spikes. Phoebas laid this trap before Kharnim's tunnel, but the Rat God was too fast.

Again Phoebas asked Vraekor for help.

"I will shape cruel blades then," he said, and crafted a fan of blades. Phoebas tried her hand at the trap, but could not catch the vermin.

A third time she approached the fire God.

"I will give you a piece of myself, which shall not fail." And so teh trap of fire and born, and sprung upon the unsuspecting Kharnim. And thus does Phoebas teach us how to catch the most devious of vermin.