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Titles are used by the Court of Summer in Ysa to denote special persons. When you enter a location in the city that has a Fae Herald, the herald will introduce you using your title and a corresponding remark.

You can buy titles from the various ambassadors in the Embassy Hall in Ysa, but be aware that you will have to surrender your current title before you can buy a new one. Furthermore, you will have to pay full price if you wish to use a title again. The price of buying titles is subject to the Mercantile skill.

Almain titles[]

These titles can be acquired from Ambassador Kulder:

  • Chief Protector
    • "One who takes this title is the guardian of all they see in this city. That is a great responsibility."
    • "Presenting his highness, Chief Protector of Ysa!"
  • Warden of Light
    • "Like Almere the Bold, whomever carries this title must lead others along the righteous path."
    • "Presenting the Warden of Light, he who keeps the dark at bay."
  • High King's Guide
    • "Every leader needs a worthy advisor, even High King Titarion. Perhaps it will be you."
    • "Presenting the grand master of Ysa, the High King's Guide!"

Varani titles[]

These titles can be acquired from Ambassador Odvar:

  • Blood Doge
    • "A title worth of one who's claimed many victories. Let us hope you are worthy."
    • "Presenting his high lordship, the Blood Doge!"
  • Guardian of Arms
    • "This title carries with it much history and much responsibility. Do not take it for granted."
    • "Presenting he, the wisest Imperator, the Guardian of Arms."
  • Death's Cryptic Hand
    • "Ah, one of our most unusual titles. You will be watched with a close eye when you walk with this name."
    • "Presenting the instrument of the immortals, his eminence, Death's Cryptic Hand."

Gnomish titles[]

These titles can be acquired from Ambassador Icob:

  • Tyrannus Bolganus
    • "An excellent choice, and one befitting of your achievements."
    • "Presenting he who keeps the bolgans at bay, Tyrannus Bolganus."
  • Warlord Experiorati
    • "One of my very favorites, and not to be worn lightly."
    • "Presenting the scourge of the battlefield, Warlord Experiorati!"
  • Morsus Cani Imperius
    • "Perhaps the most imposing of all of our titles, this one. But you are clearly the right one to own it."
    • "Presenting the beast that cannot be caged, his excellence, Morsus Canis Imperius!"

Alfar titles[]

These titles can be acquired from Ambassador Mandolph:

  • Dark Hunter
    • "This one is worn by our most secretive scouts and agents. It is a good choice."
    • "Presenting the blade in the shadow, his grace, the Dark Hunter."
  • Muse of Fate
    • "The Alfar are not only warriors, but the wisest of mages and scholars. If you embrace the arcane then this is the title for you."
    • "Presenting our honored guest, his worship, the Muse of Fate!"
  • Master Mystic
    • "Very few can claim the title of Master Mystic. It means your power reaches far beyond this realm. Good choice."
    • "Presenting the Master Mystic, wise Son of Ysa!"