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This book catalogues the magical items of the Fae.


Chapter IV: The Eye of Amman

The Eye of Amman is a cursed Fae artifact, said to bring an affliction of the elements upon its owner. It is a bright red jewel, and shines even in the darkest of places. It is approximately the size of an eye, hence its name. It exudes a slight warmth, and those in possession of the jewel have claimed they were irresistibly drawn to it. Indeed, some of the magic in this artifact may be enchanting the wearer, as is custom with many cursed items. According to popular myth, the Eye of Amman was placed in the Fae Hollow known as Syl by Amman as a cruel trick. Knowing that mortals would be drawn to the promise of riches, he crafted the gem to be remarkably brilliant. Then, he cursed the gem so that one could never get rid of it unless it was willingly taken from its owner. Finally, he set upon it a curse of elemental magic, such that fire, ice, and lightning would bring indescribable pain to any who wear the Eye. Or so the rumors proclaim. It is said that there is a way to cleanse the gem of its curse by bringing it back to the altar found in Syl. It is a dangerous journey, but we imagine it is one well worth the risk if the effects of the gem's curse are real.